I have officially arrived at the Third Trimester! I honestly can’t believe I’m this far along. James and I often remind each other, with some disbelief, that there will be another little person entering our lives in less than three months. I’m now 28 weeks and it feels as though it has been a long journey to get to this point, especially considering the rough start to the pregnancy we experienced (For more on some of the issues I experienced see my earlier post here). Given this, I felt like now would be a good time to write a quick update on how the pregnancy is progressing and mention some of the upcoming milestones and activities that are moving ever closer. As I type this post, Baby (That’s his name for now. Very original I know) is bumping around making his presence known. His ears must be burning…

Bonfire night at seven months pregnant

Bonfire night at seven months pregnant

The main change I have noticed physically for me is gaining weight. Over the last few years my weight has been fairly static, so I am really noticing the change. I have gained a total of a stone since the beginning of pregnancy and I am gaining weight steadily now. My belly button is prominently out, although it does pop back in depending on his position.  I also had my bump measured this week when I visited the midwife and I’m measuring 28cm. This is just about right for my stage in pregnancy. This makes me happy as we were informed, during our early problems, that Baby could be on the small side, so knowing he is growing well is extremely comforting.

Current Highlights

  • Bumps and Kicks – From my first little movements at 19/20 weeks they have increased in frequency and strength. He normally has a good wriggle around at about 10pm which I look forward to each evening.
  • Reactions – Baby reacts to different sounds and stimulus such as hot and cold drinks. We downloaded an album of different ambient sounds such as rain and birds. He seems to love these.
  • Shopping – All our purchases from the Baby Show have now arrived and we are enjoying ticking items off our baby purchase list. Seeing the baby’s room come together has been so exciting (We will do a separate post on the room)! We now have all the big purchases and a good collection of clothes. We do like to be organised!

Health Symptoms

  • Back Ache – This started around week 24 but has got worse since then. I have a heat wrap which does help to dull the pain, I’ve also started to sleep with more pillows which does improve things for the morning.
  • Heartburn – I get a bit of reflux, which doesn’t seem to correlate with eating at all but it doesn’t last for very long thankfully. Gaviscon or any other antacid helps with this.
  • Skin Issues – Although I’m not getting as many breakouts, compared with the beginning of the pregnancy, I’m still getting a few small spots which are staying on my chin.

Looking Forward

In a couple of weeks we are starting our NCT antenatal classes which we are both really excited to start. We are also trying out hypnobirthing, which I am really intrigued about, so I will let you know how they go! In mid December we have planned our last mini holiday before Baby is born. We are going to Cologne to experience their famous Christmas markets and we couldn’t be more excited.

Fireworks 1

Pretty fireworks doing their best to look like stars

Our due date is estimated for the 23rd January, and we are counting down the days now until our lives change forever.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and check back soon for more baby related posts.


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