The Easter bank holiday weekend is a dichotomy. On one hand you have extra days off work, an excuse to eat mounds of chocolate and plenty of time to catch up on sleep or Netflix. On the other hand you have awful traffic jams, packed tourist attractions and inevitably bad weather. Easter 2016 in the UK was no exception, with a deluge of rain forecast. There was however a small ray of sunshine peaking through during Good Friday. Not surprisingly the entire country woke up and planned to descend on National Trust properties. Considering that we had spent a fair chunk of money last year joining the National Trust, without using the membership much, we decided to join the hordes and head to one of our favourite estates called Chartwell in Kent. The countryside home of Sir Winston Churchill.

Our journey started fairly well, with Jacob falling asleep quickly. The sun was shining and we were listening to some great music to get us in the mood for a fun day out. We reached about half a mile away from the entrance to Chartwell when we hit a massive queue. It was insane! Unfortunately we were stuck down a narrow lane and couldn’t turn around. We crawled forward for about half an hour, before deciding enough was enough and skipped out of the queue and away from Chartwell. We had to come up with a ‘Plan B’ rapidly as Jacob was a ticking time bomb. We knew we weren’t far from Hever Castle which was a much bigger property and hopefully should have been able to handle the bank holiday surge. Our gamble paid off and Hever was busy, but not chaotic. We unloaded a very grumpy Jacob, quickly fed him and had a wonderful walk round the grounds. We loved it so much actually that we became members! This means we will have to go back later in the year.

We recorded loads of video footage and took far too many photos (Some of our favourites are at the bottom of this post). We uploaded a short video to our Youtube channel of our day at Hever, which can be found here. Don’t forget to subscribe!

If you are after a great day out when the sun is shining, we can highly recommend Hever Castle.

We would love to hear of other ideas for family days out around the South East.

Happy Easter!


The Willow Corner 300x300

Mudpie Fridays



James and Jacob


It’s so hard to get Jacob to open his eyes for pictures!


The lake at Hever Castle is stunning


Nichola modelling our Egg pushchair