I’m sure every expectant mum loves keeping up to date with their baby’s development over the long nine months. I have personally loved reading about my baby’s development, starting off as a speck no larger than a poppy seed and growing into a small human being. I especially love reading about the weekly size comparisons to fruit and vegetables. I have found that magazines and journals are extremely useful, but with the plethora of pregnancy apps available today it seemed silly not to at least give them a go!  I have now tried a few apps, some great and others not so good, and I wanted to share my own experiences with the apps so far.

Emma’s Diary – Free

I was given a copy of Emma’s Diary from my GP on my first pregnancy visit. I loved the magazine and thought it was a great way to read a different perspective of what another mother went through and what types of situations to expect. The companion app was advertised in the magazine and I wasted no time in downloading it.

The weekly updates for this were exactly what was written in the magazine. Because I was still reading the magazine each evening in bed, before going to sleep, I wasn’t getting anything new from the app. It does however have a few other useful features including a baby name list and shopping essentials section. Overall I did not find the app that impressive and continued searching for alternatives.

Bounty – Free

After my midwife booking appointment at the hospital I received my Bounty pack with a few freebie samples and vouchers. I was told by the midwife that Bounty also had an app, which focused heavily on establishing an informative pregnancy community. It’s a type of forum within the app where you can post questions or concerns and discuss them with other expectant mums. As I was having a difficult time earlier in the pregnancy I thought it would be valuable to see what other people were going through.

Once you have added in your due date there is a slider bar at the top of the page to monitor how far along you are. There is also weekly information on the baby’s development and information on the changes to your body. Although the information was good, I found the app in general was poorly laid out and difficult to navigate. The main section I enjoyed was the community feature, however after posting a few different questions I didn’t feel the desire to keep posting. Similar to the Emma’s Diary app all of the information was also in the magazine so I didn’t feel the need to really use the app.

Pregnancy+ – £2.99 

Although the Pregnancy+ app is sold at a small cost I have found it has absolutely paid for itself many times over and has been my favourite app by far. The layout is clear and user-friendly. The background colours are soft making the text easy to read and the pictures are high quality. There is a daily information section which offers fascinating insights and tips to consider. A daily blog post is available, which is written by mums and provides different perspectives of pregnancy and possible issues that may occur. The weekly updates are accompanied by 2D, 3D and illustrated pictures of how your baby may look whilst inside your belly. There is also that all important fruit comparison size chart!

There is a full section specifically aimed at mums, from monitoring weight gain and appointments to essentials for the all important hospital bags. A baby name list is also available with many suggestions and the facility to add your own favourites.

Pregnancy+ is full of useful information, tips and extras whilst still being easy to navigate. The app syncs across multiple devices and James also uses it on his phone. It is also recommended by the NHS, so you know the information is trustworthy and accurate.

The main reason I love the Pregnancy+ app is the flexibility of it. With the other two apps I felt that I would need other apps or information sources to accompany them, whereas Pregnancy+ has everything all in one place. I also enjoy that James and I can share it together and I find that he uses this app just as much as me!

This has just been a quick run through of some of my favourite apps. There are many others out there and some which I have used, but are not worth mentioning here. The main thing is that however you choose to track your pregnancy you feel well informed and supported. If in any doubt don’t hesitate to ask your health professional.

Please let me know your experiences with pregnancy apps and if you have found any other pregnancy apps you are loving!


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