We were so excited to take Jacob for his first swim. It is something that we had been talking about during pregnancy and we had our hearts set on taking him as soon as his first round of immunisations were complete (We did read that you don’t NEED to wait for these, but we just wanted to be on the safe side). We even bought him some fancy swimwear: A tiny swim nappy from JoJo Mama Bebe and a wet suit from Amazon. We had also been researching babies swimming underwater and had big plans to recreate the famous Nirvana album cover. You can tell we were excited…


This could have been Jacob!

The Easter weekend came round and we decided this was our best chance, as we would have access to a private pool (We were very lucky as this is not a luxury most parents will get on their baby’s first swim!). At this point Jacob was around 10 weeks old and we figured he could handle it.

Jacob getting into his swim gear

Jacob getting ready for his first swim

We arrived at the pool and he was already quite grouchy after a fairly long drive, but we decided to carry on and got him undressed. The swim nappy went on with little resistance, but once we got the wet suit on he absolutely lost it. Jacob’s world was ending and he was in the middle of a top level meltdown.

One of our tricks for calming him down during a big screaming session is to pop him in the bath (Obviously once we’ve tried food, nappy, winding, burping etc.). We figured perhaps the pool would have the same effect. We couldn’t have been more wrong! He managed to take his scream up another octave and the volume doubled. We rapidly got him out of the pool, out of his swim gear and wrapped him in several towels. Thankfully he started to calm down.

By this point we were feeling the stress of our completely failed first swim, so we grabbed a grandparent to look after Jacob whilst Nichola and I jumped in the heavenly spa pool. After a few minutes of bliss, melting into the bubbling water, we hopped out and headed home with our tails thoroughly between our legs.

This will not be the end of Jacob’s swimming career though. We plan to practise in the bath and then build up confidence to go back to the swimming pool. We will keep you posted…


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