We have so much raw footage from the pregnancy, during Jacob’s birth and over the weeks since then. I have made a promise to myself that I would learn how to do something meaningful with this footage, as otherwise it just sits there as a bunch of unedited clips that don’t really make much sense or tell a story. I figured it would be fantastic for us, and for Jacob, to look back at some edited videos in many years time.

Learning the ropes of video editing

To fulfil this promise to myself I took the plunge and bought a licence to Adobe Premiere Pro. When I first opened the program my first thoughts were “I’ve made a huge mistake!”. It looked so complicated and with almost zero background in video editing I almost gave up straight away. However having a baby certainly makes you more determined to achieve your goals, assuming you can find time between feeding, crying and nappy changes, so I persevered and watched tutorial videos and read a load of articles.

After a great deal of playing around and getting to grips with the program I edited my first video: London Christmas Markets 2015. I think it came out fairly well and I really enjoyed making it. This spurred me on to start looking at the hundreds of video clips we captured before, during and after Jacob’s birth. I found this much more difficult, and getting it link in with some decent music was a real challenge, but still really enjoyed making the video.

We are continuing to record lots of video footage of Jacob and have better equipment for recording now. We thought it would be great to release a video every few weeks showing some of the highlights as Jacob grows up. That’s the plan anyway; wish us luck!

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